Interesting Factoids I Bet You Never Knew About – The Biggest Jewelry And Goldware Showcase

Vicenzaoro and T-Gold with a classy London escort girl
Vicenzaoro and T-Gold

T-Gold and Vicenzaoro are two events combined into one amazing gold and jewellery experience – one of the biggest and best in Europe. You’ll definitely need to visit the conference’s small host city to see the industry show everyone in London will be talking about, in fact we recommend you visit with a model girl friend from the premier escort agency in London as you don’t want to be the one guy or gal that stands out on their lonesome

Never attended T-Gold? Check out everything you need to know below.





One of the most luxurious and prime events of the season will be held January 22 – 27 in Italy. Yes, we’re talking about theVicenzaoro and T-Gold show, the only place to view the most advanced technological innovations in the luxe jewelry industry. This is one event you’ll definitely want to make sure you attend if you’re in the luxury business in any facet, where the days (and nights) are full of jewelry, elite business dealings and – of course – glamour girls.


Great Events


Every day of the fair is filled with excellent events. Some of the great workshops include conferences on making process innovation more efficient, sales strategies, solutions for the luxury industry, jewelry tech, 3D printing and more.


International Appeal


There are almost 1,500 exhibitors and participants from all over the world. Yes, a lot of them are from Italy, but there are quite a few other countries represented from all over Europe, Asia and North America. These exhibitors take up almost thirty thousand square meters of exhibition space.


Exhibit Types


Besides the demonstrations and workshops on business and the future of jewelry and jewelry technology, the exhibitors have a wide array of work and information on display that would be of interest to anyone in the luxe business. These exhibit topics include every type of jewelry imaginable, along with gold processing, gemological instruments and industry-related publications, as well as related gift items made from precious stones and metals.


Amazing Destination


The jewelry show is held in Vicenza, Italy, not a destination that you’d have the chance to visit throughout your normal business dealings, and it’s not exactly on everyone’s travel bucket list, but it’s a great place to meet with excellent businesspeople, leisure travelers and European glamour models.


Luxury Hotel Accommodations


Just because Vicenza isn’t a big luxury travel destination for people all over the world, doesn’t mean that there’s not a wide array of luxury accommodations to host you while you’re in town for T-Gold. Some that you can look out for when choosing your lodgings include Palace Hotel La Conchiglia D’Oro and Schio Hotel.


Proximity To Other Italian Cities


The proximity to other popular Italian cities makes Vicenza and T-Gold great if you need to visit clients in the country simultaneously. You can easily hop on the train or in a rental car and make it to Milan, Venice or Florence easily. However you may find that you can pick up a new array of clients in Vicenza, where leather and gold are top exports and there’s a large amount of English-speaking expats from the United Kingdom and North America. If you just want to get around the city to visit potential new clients in Vicenza, you can easily do so via bicycle (how many Italians get around) or just by walking around the small city.




Whatever kind of nightlife you’re into, you’ll find something to do in Vicenza. Some favorites of travelers in the region include La Terrazza, a sidewalk café perfect for a quick bite and drink between a busy day at the conference and something more exciting. Drinks come accompanied by small snacks, including some tasty Italian olives.  Then head to Bar Sartea, for drinks and live music under the trees.


You’ll want to make sure that you visit T-Gold and Vicenzaoro in Vicenza, Italy for six days of informative workshops, meetings, business, leisure, luxury, girls and nightlife. The city may be small and out of the way, but you’ll be glad you made it part of your itinerary when you see all that can be gained from visiting this elite gold and jewelry convention. This is absolutely the place to find and discover educational workshops, important industry figures and great deals on the newest and best jewelry and industry supplies.